Testing Laboratory for Textile Materials and Products

The Testing Laboratory for Textile Materials and Products is a specialised department of the Accredited Testing Laboratory No. 1004, with approximately 120 accredited methods available and dozens of non-accredited methods. In collaboration with other laboratories of the ITC it provides comprehensive services in the assessment of quality indicators and the health safety of textiles. This department is also specialised in the assessment of personal protective clothing, from simple designs to highly complex ones, such as fire fighting garments or clothing for explosive environments.

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apparel fabrics fabrics, knitted fabric
ready-made garments clothes, clothing
piece goods scarves and shawls, ribbons and braids, ties, hats, socks, table linens
textiles upholstery fabrics and knitted fabrics, upholstery, mattresses
floor fabrics carpeting and wall-to-wall carpets, carpet tiles
other furnishing articles blankets, decorative fabrics, bed linens
technical textiles geotextiles, tarpaulins, fabrics for thermal and sound insulation
fabrics for vehicles car seat covers, seat covers for public transport.
protective equipment    clothing, gloves


  • Tests of fibres
    • linear density, staple length, tensile strength, flexibility, contamination, etc.
  • Tests of strands and roving
    • linear density, tensile strength, twist, contamination, non-uniformity of material, etc.
  • Tests of yarns and threads
    • linear density, strength and elongation at break, knot, loop, curves, design, non-uniformity of material, widening, abrasion resistance, shrinkage in hot air or in boiling water, water absorption, etc.
  • Testing fabrics
    • texture, indicators of weight, dimensions and permeability, strength characteristics, shifting of threads in the seam and in the fabric, permeability of liquid under pressure, water repellence, capillarity, water absorption, water vapour permeability, measurement of thermal and water-vapour resistance, permeation, penetration, spraytest, changes of dimension and/or design after treatment, abrasion, shrinkage, resistance, pilling, flammability, drape, stretching, resistance to fungi and bacteria, stiffness, elasticity, electric resistance, measurement of testing dimensions, verification of the ergonomic features of clothing and clothing parts, resistance to drops of sprayed molten metal, fit to the body-shape, the assessment of structure, etc.

Tests for the stability of colour, material composition, content of undesirable elements and compounds (formaldehyde, heavy metals, pesticides, PCP, aromatic amines, etc.), pH of the aqueous extract, fat content; preparation and additional analysis can be performed regardless of the construction design of the textiles.
Selected chemical analysis, testing of health safety, fire characteristics, ageing tests are carried out in collaboration with specialised laboratories of the ITC.

The laboratory also provides the results of non-accredited methods especially in the case of requirements for testing in accordance with special procedures. The technical capacity of the working site allows the variable use of equipment and thereby the creation of favourable conditions for meeting the client's needs .


  • technical inspections
  • forensic services
  • statistical quality checks of production batches and of business supplies


  • Services of Accredited Testing Laboratory No. 1004 and No.1004.3
  • Conformity assessment by the Authorised Body 224 and Notified Body 1023 in accordance with the requirements of Government orders and European Directives.
  • Granting licenses for voluntary certification marks "Safe Toys" and "ITC Certified Quality"
  • Standardisation services and technical information of the Technical Standardisation Centre specialised in products for children are provided within the ITC
  • Certification of Management Systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001)
  • Technical inspection
  • Technological consultancy
  • Calibration service and metrological consultancy
  • Legal and expert's services according to Act No. 36/1967 on experts and interpreters


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