Institut pro testování a certifikaci, a.s. (Institute for testing and certification) is the Czech independent company with a worldwide sphere of authority providing services in the area of testing, certification, technical inspection, metrology and standardization.


Institute for Testing and Certification, a. s. (ITC) was established as a separate legal entity in 1991, although its origins in the form of the State Testing Laboratory 224 at the Research Institute of Rubber and Plastics Technology in Zlín date back to the 1970s. From the very beginning there was an idea to build a completely independent, flexible and reliable facility for testing and certification of products and services.

Of the historical milestones, the year 1992, when the company took on its current name and logo, and especially 1993, when it was transformed into a joint-stock company, certainly deserve attention. The privatisation of the company in 2000 was a major step towards real independence and today ITC is the largest private professional institution in the Czech Republic with wide range of competences in the field of testing, product certification, conformity assessment with European directives, certification of management systems, technical inspection, calibration and standardisation. Fulfilling ITC's long-term strategy of developing its portfolio of services resulted in the establishment of a new division of CSI - the Centre for Civil Engineering in 2019.

Through its services, ITC is making a significant contribution to supporting the improvement of product safety, quality and competitiveness and minimizing environmental impacts. Following the Czech Republic's membership in the EU, ITC has taken advantage of the new business opportunities brought about by the legislative and harmonised conditions, enabling in particular the expansion of services to foreign markets. This trend at ITC has continued to this day, and in 2022 exports accounted for more than a third of the company's turnover.

And why did existing clients choose ITC as a supplier of highly professional services? The right answer is ITC's ability to provide comprehensive testing and certification services across a wide range of products and industries, while leveraging educated and flexible staff, unique instrumentation and broad technical expertise. This trend is reinforced by ITC's 30th anniversary this year.


Ing. Tomáš Veselý

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