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ITC services regarding ROHS 3

Since July 22, 2019 „RoHS 3“ (2015/863/EC) updated of so called “RoHS 2” directive (No. 2011/65/EC) will come in force, laying down extended requirements on electric and electronic devices.

Except for heavy metals (Pb, Cd, Hg, Cr VI+) and polybrominated flame retardants (PBBs and PDEs) four phthalic acid esters (phthalates) were newly added:
Bis (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate, Butyl benzyl phthalate, Di butyl phthalate a Di iso butyl phthalate in the amount, not exceeded 0,1 w/w % in mass of homogenous material.
Problematic can be thus PVC softened material, like cable insulations then paintings, glues and softened plastics.

Laboratories of ITC are ready to determine all these substances. Years of experiences with such a type of analysis gives you quality assurance regarding analysis results. For request, please, contact:

Ing. David Grebeníček dgrebenicek@itczlin.cz
Ing. Iveta Řezníčková ireznickova@itczlin.cz

Trade Fair AMPER 2020 - cancellation

Dear business friends, unfortunately, we have to inform you that the Fair Amper 2020 is cancelled due to the spreading disease COVID-19. For the fair administration is protecting the health of all involved an absolute priority. However, they would not be able to ensure this in the event of the fair being held at the original date, in particular by the inability to prevent the entry of persons at risk. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Dear clients,

As of 31 December 2019, will be TERMINATE THE REDIRECTION OF OLD TELEPHONE NUMBERS of ITC employees who moved from the former Zlín-Louky workplace building to the new Zlín, area Svit, Building 113 workplace.

New telephone numbers can be found on the website of specific service, in the CONTACTS section of the ITC website or on phone request.

For troubleshooting and any questions please contact the ITC’s infoline at +420 572779922.

New tests for measurement of formaldehyde emissions

Laboratories of ITC offers newly accredited test of formaldehyde emission by the chamber method, based on standard EN 717-1.

Determination of resistance to cutting by sharp objects

Laboratory of textile has successfully accredited testing procedure EN ISO 13997 - Determination of resistance to cutting by sharp objects. The test is performed mainly on protective gloves and similar PPE.

For further information and testing, please, contact our laboratory: textile@itczlin.cz, phone: +420 577 601 268.

Toys and Children’s Products

Testing » Tested products

The marketing of toys and products for children under three years of age is regulated by harmonized European legislation as well as by national – Czech legislation. Until 19 July 2011, toys are subject to the European Directive 88/378/EEC, which shall – after that date – be replaced by Directive 2009/48/EC of 18 June 2009 on the safety of toys. Only such toys are allowed to enter the EU market, which are in consistence with this legislation and, pursuant to the new Directive, also bear the CE marking and are accompanied by an EC declaration of conformity. For products designed for children under three years of age (sold on the Czech market), which include also toys for children under three years of age, there is an obligation to comply with the requirements of Decree No. 84/2001 Coll. implementing Act No. 258/2000 Coll., on Public Health Protection. These products, at all trade levels except for retail trade, must always be accompanied by a written declaration confirming that the products comply with the hygienic requirements laid down by the Decree. Such declaration is to be issued by the manufacturer, importer or authorized representative based on a compliance assessment of the results of the product tests with the hygienic requirements laid down by the above-mentioned Decree.


Client's Handbook   Harmonised standards of Directive 2009/48/EC on the safety of toys  


  • Toys
    • Games, combination boxes, educational toys, puzzles
    • Dolls, figures, cars
    • Doll carriages, aquatic toys
    • Chemical toys, various sets for girls and boys
    • Training bikes, children scooters, children bicycles, swings, slides, balls and functional toys
    • Toys for babies (rattles, teethers, sand pit toys, etc.)
    • Battery-operated toys, remote-controlled toys
    • Carnival costumes, masks, textile toys
  • Footwear
  • Buggies, walkers, baby cars, child car seats, baby carriers, baby bouncers
  • Children furniture
    • Children high chairs
    • Hook-on table chairs
    • Changing units
    • Beds
  • Dishes, tubs and other accessories for nurselings
  • Protective equipment, safety harnesses and leashes
  • Baby soothers, teats, soother chains and clips


The necessary tests to verify the compliance with all basic requirements defined in the Council Directive 2009/48/EEC are performed by accredited laboratories.

Standard No.
EN 71-1:2005 Safety of toys – Part 1 Mechanical and physical properties
EN 71-2:2006 Safety of toys – Part 2 Flammability
EN 71-3:1996;A1:2001; AC:2002 Safety of toys – Part 3 Migration of certain elements
EN 71-4 /AI:2000; A2:2004 Safety of toys – Part 4 Experimental sets for chemistry and related activities
EN 71-5:2000 Safety of toys – Part 5 Chemical toys (sets) other than experimental sets
EN 71-7:2003 Safety of toys – Part 7 Finger paints – Requirements and test methods
EN 71-8:2004 Safety of toys – Part 8 Swings, slides and similar activity toys for indoor and outdoor family domestic use
EN 71-9:2006 Safety of toys – Part 9 Organic chemical compounds – Requirements
EN 71-10:2006 Safety of toys – Part 10 Organic chemical compounds – Sample preparation and extraction
EN 71-11:2006 Safety of toys – Part 11 Organic chemical compounds – Methods of analysis
EN 62115 : 2005 Safety of electric toys  


  • The testing laboratory performs tests in the scope of the technical requirements defined by Czech Ministry of Health Decree No. 84/2001 Coll., on Hygienic Requirements for Toys and Products for Children under Three Years of Age, as amended. For these purposes, ITC is an authorized laboratory in accordance with Act No. 258/2000 Coll., on Public Health Protection, for the following authorization sets:
  • Set D 2 – Sampling and examination for health safety of products for children under three years of age
  • Set D 3 – Sampling and examination for health safety of products coming into contact with foodstuffs and meals.



Person Phone e-mail
Ing. Ludmila Antosova,
Certification department
+420 572 779 926 lantosovaPostaitczlin.cz
Ing. Monika Stipkova,
Certification department
+420 572 779 930 mstipkovaPostaitczlin.cz
Ing. Věra Vilímková,
Head of analytic laboratory
+420 577 601 634 analytPostaitczlin.cz
Ing. Pavel Vavra,
Head of electrical equipments
+420 572 522 242 pvavraPostaitczlin.cz

Post address:
Institute for Testing and Certification, Inc.
Testing division
trida Tomase Bati 299, Louky, 763 02 Zlin
Czech Republic

The person responsible for accuracy of data: Ing. Ludmila Antosova

Updated: 30.1.2020
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