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new liquid chromatograph with tandem mass spectrometry Shimadzu LC-MS/MS 8045

At the beginning of 2018 department of analytical chemistry purchased brand new liquid chromatograph with tandem mass spectrometry Shimadzu LC-MS/MS 8045, which is used for trace analysis of organic substances. Spectrometer has superior sensitivity for organic substances in orders of nano-grams per litre of sample. In June first analytical procedures successfully passed accreditation after the validation. Contact for such a special analytical techniques – RNDr. Lukas Rozsypal, tel: +420 577 601 452, e-mail: lrozsypal@itczlin.cz

Conformity assessment of personal protective equipment

Institute for Testing and Certification is newly included in the NANDO database as the Notified Body for the Conformity Assessment of Personal Protective Equipment in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/425 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 9 March 2016.

Detailed information HERE

Regulation (EU) 2016/425 on personal protective equipment - Guidance document on the implementation of Article 47

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Regulation (EU) 2016/425 on personal protective equipment - Guidance document on the implementation of Article 47 on transitional provisions. Awailable on web page HERE.

Testing of hydraulic brake hose assemblies by Standard SAE J1401

Institute for testing and certification offers a new service in a field of automotivetesting of Hydraulic Brake Hose Assemblies by Standard SAE J1401. For detailed informations please contact our expert from Physical Testing Laboratory mr. Radek Matejka rmatejka@itczlin.cz.

New method for determination of organometallic complexes

Our analytical laboratory has implemented new method for determination of organometallic complexes (i.e. alkyl mercury) by cation chromatography, coupled to ICP-MS detection. This group of substances is represented for example by Trimerosal, used as fungicide or fungistatic agent. Such a substances can be limited for example in vaccines or contact lens solutions. Contact: Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry, fpuype@itczlin.cz, analyt@itczlin.cz


Testing » Accredited Testing Laboratory No. 1004

The Microbiology Laboratory is a part of the Accredited Testing Laboratory No. 1004 and has been operating as part of the ITC since the year 2003. Professional services are focused primarily on product microbiology rather than on medical microbiology. The subjects of investigation are e.g. foods and bottled drinking water, commonly used items, textiles, plastics, rubber, cosmetics, aqua purificata, etc. The results are utilised in the assessment of the quality, safety and health of products marketed in the EU.


Client's Handbook (PDF)        


  • estimate of the population of microorganisms in the subject (Bioburden)
  • assessment of microbiological impact (plastic)
  • determination of resistance to fungi and bacteria
  • testing of antibacterial activity and the effectiveness of textile materials
  • microbiological testing of non-sterile products (in accordance with the Czech Pharmacopoeia)
  • determination of microbial contamination of the surface or the internal environment by swabbing
  • checking for microbial contamination in indoor air
  • microbiological monitoring of the effectiveness of disinfectants



Employee Phone fax e-mail
MUDr. Beata Frydrychova +420 577 601 276 +420 577 601 389 mikrobiologiePostaitczlin.cz

Post address:
Institute for Testing and Certification, Inc.
Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry and Microbiology
trida Tomase Bati 299, Louky, 763 02 Zlin
Czech Republic

The person responsible for accuracy of data: MUDr. Beata Frydrychova

Updated: 3.1.2018
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