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Trade Fair AMPER 2020

Dear business friends, we invite you to visit our exposition Trade Fair AMPER 2020, which will be held 17. 3. – 20. 3. 2020 in Brno, Czechia. Our stand will be located in Hall P, Stand no. P 5.29. We can provide you with e-vouchers for entering. For more information please contact Ing. Barbora Hajkova, phone: +420 572 779 922, e-mail: bhajkova@itczlin.cz. Profile of ITC here.


Dear clients,

As of 31 December 2019, will be TERMINATE THE REDIRECTION OF OLD TELEPHONE NUMBERS of ITC employees who moved from the former Zlín-Louky workplace building to the new Zlín, area Svit, Building 113 workplace.

New telephone numbers can be found on the website of specific service, in the CONTACTS section of the ITC website or on phone request.

For troubleshooting and any questions please contact the ITC’s infoline at +420 572779922.

New tests for measurement of formaldehyde emissions

Laboratories of ITC offers newly accredited test of formaldehyde emission by the chamber method, based on standard EN 717-1.

Determination of resistance to cutting by sharp objects

Laboratory of textile has successfully accredited testing procedure EN ISO 13997 - Determination of resistance to cutting by sharp objects. The test is performed mainly on protective gloves and similar PPE.

For further information and testing, please, contact our laboratory: textile@itczlin.cz, phone: +420 577 601 268.

Sale of the part of CSI plant – effective date 1st July 2019

Institut pro testování a certifikaci, a.s., and Centrum stavebního inženýrství a.s. concluded a contract on sale of part of plant, which came into effect 1st July 2019

EN 15593 - hygiene for foodstuffs packaging

Products certification, CE » Voluntary certification

Providing health safety of products is the crucial point and obligation of each manufacturing organization in the food chain. In past, the issues of health safety were primarily addressed by food companies manufacturing the final product intended for direct consumption. As the market and consumer requirements for ensuring health safety have grown, the producers of raw and packaging materials gradually started to be involved in the process as well.  At the present time, the standard ČSN EN 15593 can be used to ensure and assess health safety of packaging materials. The standard is based on the requirements of the standards ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 and it lays down the requirements for hygiene management system for manufacturers and suppliers of foodstuff packaging including storage and hygiene. The standard describes both the management system and the hygienic instructions for packaging manufacturers as a part of the food chain. This standard is an opportunity for the companies producing packaging for foodstuff industry to demonstrate and give their customers adequate evidence of their capability to identify and manage risks related to their products.


  Client's Handbook (in Czech)  
Database of certificates        


The issue of safety and health unobjectionability of packaging for foodstuffs has been the focus of attention of food producers and consumers for many years. The standard refers to the principles of EN ISO 9001, HACCP and ISO 22000 systems. A certificate issued by an independent certification body guarantees that the hygiene management system in the production of packaging for foodstuffs established in the company has been assessed and satisfies the requirements of the standard  EN 15593.


  • A trustworthy guarantee of the management of hygiene in the production of packaging for foodstuffs certified by an independent third party
  • Contribution to the process of facilitating communication with trade chains


  • The certification process consists of the following basic phases:
  • Elaboration of documentation
  • Putting the management system into practice
  • Certification by the certification body
    • Assessment and registration of the client's application for certification
    • Signing an agreement for conducting a certification audit
    • Appointing a team of auditors
    • Preparing an audit plan
    • Verification of facts in the following stages:
      • a) Review of the client's documentation
      • b) Checking facts on site
    • Elaboration of a report on the certification audit result
    • Evaluation of the audit report by the certification body
    • Issuing the certificate
  • Surveillance audit
    • During the five year validity period of the certificate, a surveillance audit takes place once a year. Depending on the result of the surveillance audit, either a decision on confirmation of the certificate validity until the next surveillance, or a decision on suspension of the certificate is issued. In case of fundamental deviations from the requirements of standards, an extreme measure can be adopted, i.e. withdrawal of the certificate.


  • Certification of Quality Management system (ISO 9001)
  • Certification of quality management systems in manufacturers of medical devices (EN ISO 13485)
  • Certification of Environmental Management System (ISO 14001)
  • Certification of occupational health and safety management system (OHSAS 18001)
  • Certification of food safety management system (ISO 22000)
  • Certification of critical control points system in food processing industry (HACCP)
  • Assessment of conformity of products to the requirements of European directives (CE marking of products)
  • Testing of products, ATEST ITC
  • Calibration, verification of standards and measuring instruments
  • Voluntary certification – “ITC – certified quality“ mark
  • Technical standardization


Person Phone e-mail
Jaroslav Rapant +420 572 779 982 qscertPostaitczlin.cz

Post address:
Institute for testing and certification
management system certification department
trida Tomase Bati 299, Louky, 763 02 Zlin
Czech Republic

The person responsible for accuracy of data: Jaroslav Rapant

Updated: 30.1.2020
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