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Contacting the Certification Division's executives while moving to new locations

Dear clients, In cases if you are not able to reach the specific employee from Certification Division, please contact head of certification activity on mobile phone. CONTACTS AVAILABLE HERE

Moving the Certification Division's workplaces to a new company space

Dear Clients, during the month of April 2019, certification division's workplaces will move into the new company space of ITC - Building 113, Svit area (address: Trida Tomase Bati 5264, entrance from Malotova street).

If you are going to plan a personal meeting with employees from certification division, confirm the meeting place with the specific employee.

PF 2019

Dear Clients, we would like to thank you for your confidence in cooperation with our company during the past year.

We would like to use this opportunity to wish you good health, happiness and success in 2019, both personally and professionally.

new gas chromatograph in laboratory of analytical chemistry

In August 2018 our laboratory of analytical chemistry purchased a brand new gas chromatograph, mass spectrometer Shimadzu GCMS-QP2020, equipped by a thermal desorption unit TD-30, which is used for analysis of emissions of organic substances.


The spectrometer has a superior sensitivity for organic substances in orders of micro-grams per kg of sample. The system is mainly used for analysis of volatile organic substances (VOC) and condensable substances (FOG) according to the requirements of automotive standard VDA 278, but also for emission measurement of polymer samples to investigate additive system, smell, NIAS (not-intentionally added substances in plastics) etc.


Contact for such types of analysis: Franky Puype, phone: +420 577 601 703, e-mail: fpuype@itczlin.cz

New general director

Announcement of change in ITC management.


Since September 1, 2018, new general director of the Institute for Testing and Certification has been appointed Mgr. Jiri Hes.


RNDr. Radomir Cevelik remains in the position of Board of Directors Vice President.

Playground Equipment

Testing » Tested products

Playground equipment covers all equipment and structures, including components and structural elements, that can be used by children to play outdoor or indoor, whether individually or in groups, according to their own rules or for own reasons to play, which can be changed at any time. Testing laboratory No. 1004 provides a complex set of evaluation and testing services to ensure safety of the playground equipment and to assess its conformity pursuant to harmonized standards.


Client's Handbook (PDF)        


  • Slides
  • Swings
  • Climbing ropes
  • Climbing frames
  • Small structures designed to play and enhance the children’s skills
  • cableways
  • spatial network
  • rocking
  • carousels


Testing of physicochemical properties, health safety of materials including the surface treatments, the absorbing properties of natural and artificial playground surfaces, resistance to weathering, and other parameters by Accredited laboratory No. 1004.

EN 1176-1
Playground equipment and surfacing – part 1 General safety requirements and test methods
EN 1176-2
Playground equipment – Part 2 Additional specific safety requirements and test methods for swings
EN 1176-3
Playground equipment – Part 3 Additional specific safety requirements and test methods for slides
EN 1176-4
Playground equipment – Part 4 Additional specific safety requirements and test methods for cableways
EN 1176-5
Playground equipment – Part 5 Additional specific safety requirements and test methods for carousels
EN 1176-6
Playground equipment – Part 6 Additional specific safety requirements and test methods for rocking equipment
EN 1176-7
Playground equipment – Part 7 Guidance on installation, inspection, maintenance and operation
EN 1176-10
Playground equipment and surfacing – part 10 Additional specific safety requirements and test methods for fully enclosed play equipment
EN 1176-11
Playground equipment and surfacing – part 11 Additional specific safety requirements and test methods for spatial network
EN 1177
Impact absorbing playground surfacing Safety requirements and test methods
ENV 1991-2-3
ENV 1991-2-2
ENV 1991-2-4
Calculations for thermal, wind and snow loads  

Other ITC services related to conformity assessment of playground equipment

  • Monitoring of playground equipment safety - Technical inspection ITC provides for people installing their playground equipment and for organizations running these playgrounds a long-term supervision of equipment safety and absorbing effect of playground surfaces within the meaning of the standard ČSN EN 1176-7 - Playground equipment - Part 7: Guidance on installation, inspection, maintenance and operation, based on an individual contract about the inspection.
  • Granting of licenses for voluntary certification mark "ITC Certified Quality" ITC grants a license for using of quality mark which is provided for products where has been proven by certification a high level of safety and quality parameters and also by inspection visit form to perform assumptions of producer for permanent quality keeping.
  • Standardization services - research of standard, analysis of technical information, loan of standards.
  • Court appointed expert services


Person Phone fax e-mail
Dipl. Ing. Radim Mikac, testing engineer +420 577 601 604 +420 577 601 387 rmikacPostaitczlin.cz
Dipl. Ing. Antosova Ludmila, certification expert +420 577 601 364 +420 577 855 104 lantosovaPostaitczlin.cz

Post address:
Institute for Testing and Certification, Inc.
Testing Laboratory for Building Materials and Products
trida Tomase Bati 299, Louky, 763 02 Zlin
Czech Republic

The person responsible for accuracy of data: Dipl. Ing. Radim Mikač

Updated: 3.1.2019
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